Fantasy X Reality

Fantasy X Reality


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

i luv u

Two friends went out for a walk on a one calm day. They sat at the park near to their house.
A: I hope we'll be friend forever.
B: Me either.
A: I hope our friendship will never be forgotten neither by me nor you. Promise?
B: Promise!
A: Well, this maybe a ridiculous question but you think how long can we become friends?
B: About 5 minutes from now.
A: WHAT??? How could you? Are you serious or what? We even have promised to be together forever.
B: Yes. Thats true. I agree. But I also can't deny what I'm talking about just a few seconds ago.
A: Then, what is the meaning of it? About 5 minutes only from now? Please be serious and stop fooling me around. haha... 
B: (smile) I'm deadly serious my friend. I hope our friendship will continue in the heaven too. Even we're dead.
A: Huh! Now you're talking about death! It really makes me sick and I'm not interested anymore. I can't trust you anymore. How can you just said like that after you decided to end up our friendship within 5 minutes after this?  I hate you. Really!
B: (about to cry) How could you? I love you so much my friend. I never said I want to end up our friendship. Did I?

Unfortunately, his voice couldn't be heard by A anymore. His friend had already gone away and was about to cross the road. B ran as fast as he could to catch up his beloved friend. Now, A was already at the other side of the road. 

5 minutes passed...
While he crossed the road, suddenly something bad happen. An accident occurred. A turned back to see what happen. A car crashed the traffic light! And a dead body could be seen clearly below the car. A's heart was beating faster than before. He  heard someone calling him. From there! B!

A: (cry badly) Owh, what happen to you? Be patience, an ambulance will come as soon as possible. Just steady, okay?
B: (grabs A's arm) I'm sorry my friend. I hurt your feeling. I really didn't mean to. I swear! I hate myself. Please forgive me.
A: (put his finger on B's lips) Shhh....don't talk. you'll be just fine. I'm sorry too. You're my best friend ever.
B: (smile) Thanks. I'm glad to hear that...and take care....I luv you... 
A: (shout) B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A looked out at his watch. Exactly 5 minutes after they met. His face covered with tear. He realized it now. We'll be friend forever. Rest well my friend.....

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